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Written by: anthonydavids

With the advance in technology, pontoon boats are now able to accommodate many features that were not possible before. In this day and age, pontoon boats are able to pull skiers, tubers, and wakeboarders. They are able to carry 10 plus passengers making it possible for owners to have their own parties atop the boats. They are operated by having a small outboard engine which makes the boat move more pleasantly. Seeing a pontoon boat will literally blow your mind off.

With the advance in size and technology, pontoon boats have more power options, thus today they can be able to incorporate multiple/large outboard engines. The luxury part of a pontoon boat is the amenities nowadays it offers. These amenities include moveable tables, wet bars, serious stereos, underwater and mood lighting. More importantly, you can add an original sandbar underneath the boat.

The advantage of owning a pontoon boat is that it is good for a family outing, freshwater fishing, water sports such as skiing, and day cruising just for the fun of it. The good thing about this boat is that it is trailerable. Most of them are 16 to 30 ft in length. You can choose the outboard or the sterndrive drive engine plants, these will enable you to have a 50mph living room while having the fun or hosting a party. The addition of the original sandbar brings a new dimension to the boat. Originally, the original sand-bar main function was to be a beverage, drink, and ice holder. It was a great hit in parties and gatherings on sand bars.

Today, the original sand bar is sold to companies and individuals where it is used in functions such as gatherings on sand bars, fishing trips, boat outings, river trips, camping, weddings, and much more. Today you can add the original sandbar underneath your 2-tube pontoon boat. It is easily attached in minutes to the underside of the pontoon boat. The table slides easily from the underside of the boat revealing your food and drinks. The original sandbar has added a new accessory in the form of a game table. People can now enjoy a game thus having hours of fun on top of the pontoon boat. The best part is that the table functionality of sliding easily makes it possible for it to be used by everyone.

The original sandbar table is now going for $185 while the addition of the optional pong table which goes for $100. This new original sandbar is distributed by Marygrove Awning Company. You can now be part of the community by signing up with them through their website www.theoriginalsandbar.com. The original sandbar is easy to use hence someone will automatically know where and how to use it. Having one will certainly be fun not only for you but your guests on top of your pontoon boat. You will be surprised at the astonishment the original sandbar greets your guests as it slides from the underside of your boat.